Creating website backgrounds can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavor, especially for those who do not have adequate learning in the field of Internet programming and web imaging. Java scripts, html language, and even Adobe photo imaging software are complex areas for the average persont to navigate.

Thankfully, there are available free website backgrounds one can get from the Internet to simplify web-designing requirements.


Buying specialty image backgrounds and graphics from online sellers or purchasing imaging software packages in stores can cost a fortune. The Internet is a rich source of free website backgrounds for instant website designs and layout. Some sites offer static web backgrounds while some can be used for Flash websites.

Free website backgrounds include for absolutely free web page backgrounds, templates and graphics for your website; which offers hundreds of free backgrounds and graphics in .gif and .jpg file formats; which has a selection of background textures for your websites like tiles, drops, fibers and more; and where you can find great background images for your websites, blogs and social networking pages.


Free website backgrounds are commonly compatible with Dreamweaver website programs. To use these free resources, just download the graphic files in your selected computer folder. Then from the Dreamweaver main menu, click on Modify > Page > Properties. The Page Properties will then be displayed. Go to Background Image and select the website background image you like.

The code for using free website backgrounds is basically simple: