Animation backgrounds are a popular choice for computers and large-screen monitor gadgets like cellphones, portable audio-video devices like e-book readers, iPods, portable PC-movie players and more.

Animation backgrounds are more visually-enticing because they offer various depths of views (with width, height and length) and movements that make the elements in the animation more lively and realistic.

Animation backgrounds popularly used today include clips from famous cartoon shows, unique drawings of animation artists, animated clip arts, animated video backgrounds created by digital imaging companies, and enhanced pictures applied with animation techniques.

Animation backgrounds are created using a rapid sequential imaging using 3-dimensional or 3D artworks (2D images are also still being used today) flipped or run after the other to create an illusion of motion. The illusion of movement is made possible by the so-called persistence of vision phenomenon, where an eye exposed to images in nanosecond exposures will create reactions in milliseconds, triggering movements in the image.

Popular animation backgrounds today range from the traditional cel animation (sequence of drawings in acetate sheets or cels photographed one by one against a still background) to modern simulated movement images created from various animation software programs that are saved in digital formats.

The Internet is a rich source of animation backgrounds to personalize your PCs and gadgets. Cool sites include (free animation effects and animation backgrounds); (free animated graphics as well as Java applets, Java scripts and banners); and (offers 3D clip arts, animation backgrounds and online tools).